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Top Hedge Funds and the Salary Info

Top Hedge Funds and the Salary Info

A complete list of top hedge funds by AUM. Click the links to see their salary data from


a. The salary data does not include bonus, which could be much higher than the base salary.

b. The salary data is indexed from the Department of Labor disclosure data on H1B and Green Card applications.

Foreign worker hires by top hedge funds: Citadel, Two Sigma, BlackRock hired the most

1. Bridgewater Associates (AUM: $132B)
2. AQR Capital Management (AUM: $83.7B)
3. Man Group (AUM: $59.1B)
4. Renaissance Technologies (AUM: $59.1B)…


基于 的数据库,我们采集了从2016Q4到2019Q3,德勤(Deloitte),安永(Ernst & Young / EY),普华永道(Price WaterHouse Coopers / PWC),毕马威(KPMG)四家公司向美国劳工部提交的H-1b工作签证的申请,共计超过9万份。










绿卡都是给办的,从2016Q4到2019Q3,我们共找到七千余条申报记录,怎么说呢,跟招人总数比起来还不足十分之一。整体说来PWC和KPMG比Deloitte和EY好一点。更多绿卡相关薪酬信息欢迎到 查看。

更多详细信息,欢迎访问 查询或扫描下方二维码
数据链接: Deloitte…

Top High Frequency Trading Firms and the Salary Info

A complete list of top high frequency trading firms. Click the buttons to see their salary data from

1. The salary data does not include bonus, which could be much higher than the base salary. 
2. The salary data is indexed from the Department of Labor disclosure data on H1B and Green Card applications. Citadel Securities
Jane Street Two Sigma Hudson River Trading Tower Research Capital Latour Trading…

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Chinese Internet Companies Hiring in USA

Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, JD, Bytedance, Netease and other Chinese Internet companies are actively recruiting employees in the United States More than 790 hiring reported from 2016Q4 to 2019Q3 Bytedance has offered a senior engineering director position with a base salary of $440,000. Baidu has offered a chief engineer position of $430,000 in basic salary Data SourceAlibaba:
In the previous article, we discussed the salary income level of the top programmers in Silicon Valley through Netflix's salary data. Today we discussed the salary data of Chinese Internet giants in the United States. The data comes from

The Chinese Internet companies recruiting in the United States mainly include Alibaba, Baidu, Bytedance, JD…

How much do top Silicon Valley Software Engineers earn (real salary data attached)

SummaryEngineering directors can make $850K+ annually (data source)Engineering managers can make $430K - $475K annually (data source)Senior software engineers can make $375K - $480K annually (data source)
Today the most popular internet companies in Silicon Valley include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Netflix. Hundreds of thousands of software engineers are working in those companies. How much can the top software engineers earn? Today, we use the data in, which indexes the official United States Department of Labor H1B PERM (green card) disclosure data, to answer this question.

In those internet companies, the annual compensation of software engineers and managers typically consists of three parts: 1) base salary, 2) cash bonus, and 3) stocks. However, the company Netflix is an exception, which awards its employees with only base salary. To attract the talents competing with Google, Facebook, etc, Netflix’s base salary is very high which is comparable to…