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High frequency trading profits in Europe: Hudson River Trading, Tower Research, and Jump Trading

Hudson River Trading's Profit in Europe Hudson River Trading is another pioneer in the high-frequency trading industry. Its profit in Europe can be found in its annual report filed in UK.

YearOperation Profit2018127,440,2072017117,563,5372016128,458,864201514,482,450201411,087,940201310,427,087201210,602,39520118,453,43220103,334,470

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Tower Research's Profit in EuropeAs a pioneer in the high-frequency trading industry, Tower Research Capital is also one of the biggest HFT players. While Tower is a private company and little information about its financial performance has been released to the public, we can still learn about Tower's performance in Europe from the annual reports filed by its European entity, Spire Europe Limited, in UK. From the table below, we can see that in 2015, a Tower trader in Europe can on average make $3 million profit before cost. YearTrading profitTrading costGros…