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Latour Trading: Profits in 2018 (476Million, 1400% Return!)

Latour Trading is one of the biggest high frequency trading firms on the Wall Street. It is a private company owned by Tower Research. From its SEC filings(audit report), we analyze and estimate its trading profits. We estimate that in 2018, it generated

an astonishing profits of $476 million dollars (estimated, see the analysis below),used a net capital of $34 Million,and thus the total return is 1400%.
Balance Sheet and Leverage Ratio
From its balance sheet at the end of 2018 December, the total assets are $1.48 billion with $63 Million equity. Thus, we estimate that the leverage ratio is approximately 23.

Profits from Futures Trading Latour Trading made a profit of $345 million from its futures trading operations.

Overall Profits According to the filings, Latour Trading LLC shares 17% of its overall profits with its parent company, Tower Research Capital LLC, and in 2018, Latour shares $81 million profit with Tower. Therefore, we estimate that Latour Trading's total profit in 2018 …

Jane Street trading profits in Europe

Jane Street specializes in ETF trading in the high-frequency trading industry. Its profit in Europe can be found in its annual report filed in UK.

YearTrading Revenue2018336,880,0002017108,351,000201688,629,000201588,545,000201460,111,000201362,809,000201231,358,000201122,833,000201011,566,83620096,109,789
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