Top 2000 popular jobs in USA with the salary data

Below are the top 2000 jobs in USA for foreign workers (H1b visa holders). The number in the bracket is the total number of H1b visa applications sponsored by the employers between 2014 and 2019.  Clicking the job title will show the exact salary data in (Credit: The salary data is indexed from United States Department of Labor.)
Programmer Analyst (203761) Software Engineer (161406) Software Developer (106737) Systems Analyst (50748) Computer Programmer (48802) Senior Software Engineer (39246) Business Analyst (35900) Computer Systems Analyst (30543) Assistant Professor (27576) Developer (26585) Consultant (26546) Technology Lead - Us (25380) Senior Consultant (23969) Senior Systems Analyst Jc60 (21780) Project Manager (21510) Technology Analyst - Us (18660) Analyst (17801) Database Administrator (17506) Associate (17092) Senior Software Developer (14490) Java Developer (13959) Lead Engineer (13518) Developer User I…